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About Us

Acquire Learning is an organisation that delivers better job outcomes through education.

We believe the way to a better life is through self improvement and learning. 

We are here to help people find their path in life and gain the skills and knowledge they need to achieve their ambitions. 

With our extensive knowledge of the job market and over 15 years of experience in the education sector, we are uniquely positioned to help students and education and training providers. 

Our greatest asset is our people. Our career advisors are experts in their field, trained to engage and motivate prospective students with the possibilities and choices that can shape their future. 

We aim to empower people with information on courses, delivery modes, and funding options, guiding them through the application and funding process to enrolment, course completion and job acquisition.

When you’ve got Acquire Learning on your team finding the path to success is easy. We're an education-to-employment service who are dedicated to giving you all the inspiration, motivation and coaching you need to reinvent yourself.

It doesn’t matter to us if you’re jump-starting a career, changing direction or up-skilling for a promotion – it’s all great stuff. We’ll help you chose the right qualification from hundreds of courses available through Australia’s leading education institutions and stand by you through your studies until you’re job-ready and help you find employment.

We’re ready to help you get qualified, get job-ready and get the career you want. So what are you waiting for?

We’re on the journey with you from education to employment. Why not reinvent yourself today with Acquire Learning?


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Education Courses, Career Advise, Employment support. We deal in everything from Education to Employment.